Membership Details...

We have various levels of memberships available. LWSC is a PRIVATE members only club.  We do not allow fishing, jet skis, canoes or members of the public to come to pay and play on our lakes.  It is encouraged that new members apply who have or are willing to purchase their own boat or are able to share with an existing member the boat that is currently onsite.


There is no club boat on site to offer this to the public or to members that do not wish to have a boat.  There are a few spaces available to site a mobile caravan for any one who wishes to join.  Whilst tents are often pitched throughout the season for members visitors,  it is not the norm for members to use a tent as over night accommodation.  If existing or new members wish to stay on site it is encouraged that you do so in a mobile caravan.


Please use the contact us page to make an enquiry. New membership enquiries will be invited down early next season to visit the site and have a casual conversation with several committee members. 


Member ship type​                                                            Subscription Fees                         

Family Skiing (2 co habiting adults and 2 children under age 18)          £843 

Social Family member / Retired Skiing Member         £479

Adult Skiing                                                                      £470

Junior Skiing                                                                    £237


Caravan annual siting fee                                               £330

BWSW fees which every member must register and pay as below:-

Family Skiing                                                                    £103

Adult skiing and Adult Social member                          £60

Retired Skiing Family / or Social Family                       £103                                               £

Student skiing                                                                  £32 

There is an initial joining fee in addition to the above annual subscriptions of £1000 pp for children and adults over the age of 5 . 

For further information for new members please use the contact us page.